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Powerful, versatile, handy. That’s how I’d sum up iPad mini 6.


A device like none other, iPad mini 6 is a lot more than just a smaller iPad. Sturdy, stylish and secure, boasting of a faster A15 bionic chip processor, a remarkably improved camera, 5G, faster Wi-Fi, USB-C, better graphics, more capabilities and a considerably better display, the iPad mini 6 lets you do so much, it’s more than you may have ever imagined!



What You Can Do With It

Rather, the question should be what is it that you cannot do with it? The answer, nothing.


iPad mini 6 lets you do literally everything!


Whether you want to make impressive presentations, work on the go, play -literally anywhere, connect- even in the wild, iPad mini 6 does it all. And how! You can also use the Apple Pencil with it to give shape and design to your ideas.  Imagine, draw, animate, and create. You can also label or make powerful presentations wherever you want. With the iPad mini you can talk and enjoy video conferencing, organize your work with a to-do list, manage it and flip it close.


With its super power, iPad mini 6 brings ideas to life, literally in the palm of your hand! You can upload and download even while on the go. The handy size and incredible power of iPad mini 6 makes it indispensable for a wide array of uses.


Moreover, there are a number of apps designed for iPad mini like:

  • Adobe Photoshop app
  • Photos app
  • LumaFusion app on
  • Safari
  • SharePlay with Apple TV and
  • OPZ app connected to Thunderbolt


These apps along with its latest features make iPad mini 6 extremely useful for a variety of jobs and experiences, making it truly unique in its capabilities.


Here are the features made simple for you.


Speed & Performance

With a 6-core CPU and A15 bionic chip, iPad mini 6 delivers up to 40% faster CPU performance. In combination with the Apple Neural Engine, it gives machine learning that’s twice as fast. So whether at work, or at the studio, you can just blaze your way through!


The faster processor of iPad mini also means unbelievable upload and download speed, movie streaming and connecting with friends, even if you’re on the road! With its ultra-fast connectivity, iPad mini 6 gives you the fastest available wireless networks.


A15 Bionic Chip

A15 is the new great chip that gives iPad mini 6 its power and portability. Not available in the previous versions of iPad mini, A15 bionic makes things like e-mailing and photo editing a breeze! It lets you use advanced apps, capture content and give life to your creative projects, anywhere.


The Power of iPadOS

This OS is what powers the iPad mini 6, expanding its capabilities, enabling you to do so much effortlessly. With the simple to use Multi-Touch gestures, you can use a number of apps at once and put in handwritten text with Scribble. Versatile, iPadOS lets you easily and quickly jot down your thoughts with Quick Note, translate language with Translate and connect with people using SharePlay.


Incredible Camera

The camera is another reason why iPad mini 6 is so exciting! With its 12 MP back camera and front camera with Centre Stage, the iPad mini 6 ultra-wide camera lets you have super fun with its wide capabilities. The 12MP sensor with Focus Pixels and a large aperture help you capture sharp, crystal clear photos.


Centre Stage makes video calls even more engaging and natural. It keeps you in the centre of the frame no matter where you are, even if you move around. Also, it has this amazing feature that as others join or leave, the view automatically expands or zooms in!


iPad mini 6 has True Tone flash, so you can take great photos in any light, scan documents and then mark them up. And the new A15 Bionic chip enables Smart HDR 3 for capturing even higher-quality images. With its ability to record in 4K, iPad mini 6 also works as your mobile movie studio.


Elegant Design

Stunning in looks, the iPad mini 6 is meticulously designed to be utterly beautiful. Its all-new enclosure features a new, bigger edge-to-edge screen with narrow borders and pleasing well-rounded corners. Sturdy and sleek at the same time, iPad mini6 comes in four stunning colours - pink, purple, starlight (a silver/gold) and space grey.


Bigger Screen

The bigger screen of iPad mini 6 measures 8.3-inch (21.08 centimeter). Its Liquid Retina display features True Tone, P3 wide colour and ultra-low reflectivity, rendering sharp text and vivid colours.  And with extremely good luminance at 500 nits, you get bright, sharp and comfortable viewing.


Faster Graphics

The 5-core GPU in iPad mini 6 offers up to 80% faster graphics. iPad mini lets you totally immerse yourself- whether it’s creating a water-colour, experiencing unreal AR or playing graphics-intensive games.

Moreover, equipped with apps like Adobe Photoshop, Photos app and LumaFusion app on iPad mini, you can do just about anything on your iPad mini 6!


Secure Touch ID

Touch ID makes iPad mini 6 fast, easy and secure. Integrated into the top button, Touch ID lets you use your fingerprint to unlock your iPad quickly and securely.

Apple Pencil

Truly a wonder to work with, you can attach the Apple Pencil magnetically to the side of iPad mini. This means it’s always there when you need it - to jot down the flash of a brilliant idea or give in to that sudden impulse to sketch.


iPad mini now supports the second-generation Apple Pencil 2 that charges wirelessly, always ready for you. Double-tapping the barrel helps quickly switch between tools like a highlighter and an eraser.


Apple Pencil lets you tap into your creativity with its intuitive, precise and magical capabilities. When it comes to drawing, note-taking and marking up documents, it helps your potential soar. And with imperceptible lag, pixel perfect precision, tilt/pressure sensitivity and support for palm rejection, iPad mini 6 is incredibly easy and powerful to use.


Faster Connectivity

Now you can enjoy seamless connectivity even in elevators. With 4G LTE advanced optimized antennas and the fastest Wi-Fi 6, you get the best and most reliable connectivity available.


Longer Battery Life

iPad mini has all-day battery life, so it’s always ready for any task or project. You can keep working, creating and playing without any breaks.


USB-C Port

The USB-C port lets you connect, charge and plug in accessories to make music, run your business and more.


Stereo Speakers

Watch a show by the pool or listen to your favourite playlist at the park with new landscape stereo speakers.


Environment Friendly

Apple is carbon neutral. Apple aims to source 100% recycled and renewable materials across their products and packaging one day, all with clean energy and no carbon footprint.


Accessible to All

Technology is most powerful when inclusive. With accessibility features that support vision, hearing, mobility and cognitive needs, now everyone can use iPad mini 6.



You can explore accessories like cases, covers, Apple Pencil, AirPods, AirTag and more.


With so much capability and power packed into such a small device, Apple iPad mini 6 is truly the ideal device you must have.

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