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5 Appliances that’ll make her Women’s Day special

It's already Women's Day, and you know ladies in your house are expecting a well-wrapped, pricey gift! Just kidding, you already know that all they want is love and appreciation. But, while we're at it, why not get them something that will make their day-to-day life a little easier and their women's day a lot more memorable? Here are some kitchen appliances you may give them as a present that will come in handy in the kitchen:

  • Salter EK4189 Digital Bread Making MachineSALTER BREAD MAKER

  • With the Salter Digital Bread Maker, you can make great bread, cakes, and even delectable scones to go with your cup of coffee. This remarkable equipment is ideal for any home baker, allowing you to make your own wonderful, soft loaf of bread from the convenience of your own kitchen!


    • Flexible 
    • Bake according to your schedule.
    • Enclosure with a cool touch

  • Nespresso Coffee Machine


  • The De'Longhi single-serve mechanism is featured on the Lattissima One. Simply pour the amount of milk you want into the milk jug for your drink. For a flawless Latte or Cappuccino, the appliance will froth it right into your cup and make your coffee. Because the milk jug is water resistant, cleaning it is a breeze. The machine can make a variety of drinks with only three buttons: espresso, lungo, and milk for lattes and cappuccinos.


    • Instant
    • Favorable
    • Easy to use

  • G3 Ferrari Red Pizza Maker Oven


    If you want the authentic taste and color of wood-fired Italian pizzas, the G3 Ferrari Pizza Maker is the way to go. The benefit of utilizing this particular G3 Ferrari pizza maker is that it allows you to maintain the high temperature required for pizzas (4000 C), which is impossible to achieve in ordinary ovens or microwaves. Set the timer for no more than 5 minutes, put your pizza base on the stone base with the dressing, close the lid, and check on the pizza every 5 minutes or so. Pizzas baked in the G3 Ferrari pizza oven have a crisp foundation that preserves and enhances the texture and flavor of the toppings.


    • Fast and easy
    • Flexible thermostat
    • Multi-functional

  • iLiv wall mount- RO + UV alkaline water purifier


  • iLiv has developed India's most modern water purification technology, which not only cleanses the water but also provides important nutrients to help you stay fit in today's world. The iLiv alkaline water purifier is a one-stop shop for all your alkaline water needs, with features including built-in quick cold and hot water, 9 stages of filtration, and a detoxifier to remove pollutants from fruits and vegetables. These water purifiers on the wall are made to look like a work of art.


    • 10 Stages of Purification
    • 2-in-1 Pre-Filter Cartridge
    • 8 Liters Water Tank

  • Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener


  • The Dyson Corrale straightener is the only one in the market with bending plates that firmly mold around your hair and bring it together with each pass. This control ensures that no hairs escape, allowing you to straighten all of your hair with ease. You can create the same design with half the heat — and hence half the damage. It also means improved styling, which means less frizz and flyaways. Manganese copper alloy is used to make the plates. It may be used corded or cordless to provide you more styling options and independence.


    • Hair Straightener with Flexing Plates
    • Cord-Free Versatility
    • Auto shut - off and Safety Lock
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