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For all the chocolate lovers, nothing beats a hot cup of smooth hot chocolate. This Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser might be the solution to your prayers if you really want to take your handmade variations to the next level.
The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker, created in collaboration with Dualit, is meant to interact with hotel chocolat premium hot chocolate flakes to produce the ultimate 'barista-style' hot chocolate.
Is it, therefore, worthwhile? Continue reading for our entire review, as well as information on how well the Velvetiser performs with milk replacements like almond milk.
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What exactly is it?

The Velvetiser heats and whisks milk and chocolate flakes to provide rich, smooth hot chocolate with a froth top, similar to a milk frother.

Since its introduction, it has added additional speciality flavors like ginger, black forest gateaux, mince pie, and salted caramel and citrus to the mix.

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What is the mechanism behind it?

best chocolate maker velvetiser

The Velvetiser is around the size of a small kettle, so it won't take up much space on your kitchen counter.
Pour the milk (or non-dairy substitute) up to the designated max fill line, pour the chocolate flakes, close the lid, and push the start button to make your hot chocolate.
When the start button is pressed and it briefly illuminates that's the time when your drink is prepared. It takes around two and a half minutes to prepare your drink, and it also has a handle that can be used equally right and left-handed when you're able to pour.
Velvetiser uses semi-skimmed milk and Classic 70% Chocolate Flakes to make hot chocolate. And it comes out thick, creamy, and silky smooth, with only a smidgeon of froth on top. 

Is it hard to clean a Velvetiser?

The cleanup is generally straightforward because the interior is non-stick, a quick clean with soapy water and a gentle cloth will suffice. The magnetic whisk is easy to remove, but cleaning it by hand is difficult since chocolate and milk gets stuck around little corners and edges. It can be washed in the dishwasher, although those without one, might benefit from a little cleaning brush. To avoid dried-on filth, we recommend cleaning it as quickly as possible after use.

Is it possible to use it as a regular milk frother?

Yes. The Velvetiser may also be used to produce frothy milk for coffee or other hot beverages. It takes the same duration as hot chocolate – two and a half minutes – and is faster than many of the stand-alone milk frothers we've tried with the same quantity of milk. 
We tested it with semi-skimmed milk and found that the results were more like a latte or flat white than the former froth required for a cappuccino.
Whenever it comes to cleaning it up, the Velvetiser comes out ahead. With a self-cleaning mechanism, there's no need to mess with cleaning the Velvetiser, except for a quick wipe off afterward.
If you're looking for a high-end appliance, especially if you like chocolate, the Velvetiser is the way to go.
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