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Upgrade your kitchen with the latest appliances

Humans have always been in search of easier and faster ways of doing their tasks. Thus, our quest for faster, better machines never stops.

Same is the case when it comes to our kitchen. Especially when the chores are repetitive, we would either have someone else or machines do them for us. And ever since the pandemic Covid-19 kicked in, the luxury of domestic help has been cut down for many of us, putting the burden of all kinds of tasks on usually one person.

But today we’ll see the range of the finest options we have at our disposal to make life so much easier and even enjoy a better quality of life!

Right from the morning coffee to the dessert at night and all the cooking and cleaning in-between, get ready to be surprised!

Waking up to the enchanting smell of rich coffee global gadgets

Waking up to the enchanting smell of rich coffee!

Later, enjoying a hearty breakfast of home-made gluten free olive bread with fresh, natural mix fruit spread!

A mid morning snack of fresh fruits, free of harmful chemicals. Or a tall glass of 100% healthy fruit juice!

For lunch, prepare your favourite dishes with the enticing aroma and flavours of freshly ground spices and condiments.

Come evening, let the kids and adults alike savour an authentic wood-fired Italian pizza with everyone’s favourite toppings. Hot, crispy and cheesy, just out of the oven!

Finally, end the day on a sweet note with guilt-free soft, creamy and healthy home-made ice-cream.

What, too many dishes to clean? No worries! Just stack them in the dishwasher and rest easy!

Now what if this was possible at the snap of your fingers! Yes, you can enjoy these and so much more with the latest and the smartest gadgets from around the world sitting on your kitchen counter.

Coffee Machines

coffee machines

Kick start your day with the smell of coffee. There’s no reason now why you can’t enjoy your favourite café-style coffee. Choose from the widest range ever of coffee machines, each offering a specific advantage. Upgrade your kitchen with a machine like Lattissima One, Lattissima Pro, Wacaco Minipresso NS, CitiZ &Milk Coffee Maker, Inissia Espresso, Magimix Essenza Mini Coffee Machine, Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother, DeLonghi Magnifica, Moccamaster KBG Select, Gran Lattissima Espresso Machine and more. All the coffee machines are from the finest brands in the world, reliable, prepare outstanding coffee and are very easy to operate. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t tantalize your taste buds or nostrils with the perfect aroma of coffee every day.

Bread and Jam Maker

sage bread maker

Next, make your own bread from scratch, just the way you like it – healthy, tasty, and loaded with olives, nuts or fruits. With absolutely Zero chemicals. That’s right! Aren’t we all tired of hunting for and trying out different kinds of bread that are good for health and are tasty too? And haven’t we been thoroughly disappointed till now? So we decided to do away with store-bought bread for good and make our own bread at home with Sage Bread and Jam maker. So easy to use, all you gotta do is put in all the ingredients in the baking tin and turn the bread maker on. That’s it! No mixing, no checking. Just fill it and forget it! And your bread is ready in minutes! Freshly baked, with your choice of ingredients, minus all the chemicals and preservatives. Doesn’t it sound heavenly! And imagine the smell of freshly baked bread filling the kitchen early morning and teasing your appetite!

Oh wait! Did I tell you the Sage bread maker not only bakes your bread, but prepares jams and spreads too? Yes - whatever fruits you want, how you want and when you want! Enjoy home-cooked jams and spreads that are nutritious, tasty and super easy to make!

Next, toast your freshly baked healthy bread in Hafele Amber Toaster and enjoy it with your favourite spread!

Fruit n Vegetable Purifier

Clear all your vegetables and fruits of chemicals and enjoy only the fresh produce, as good as farm-picked. Easy to use, enjoy hassle-free clean green grocery with Faber Oxypure 10LFruit n Vegetable purifier. Eat them raw, juiced or cooked, the choice is yours. Because when the first step is towards your wellbeing, how can a healthier you and a healthier family be far behind?

Cold Press Juicer/ Blender

Gone are the days of conventional juicers. It’s time we moved up to the healthier and more efficient Cold Press Juicers like Hafele Magnus and the Hurom H-Al Series. The reason they’re healthier is that the process allows for every iota of nutrition to be retained. As the juicer slowly squeezes the fruit and extracts more from your ingredients, the juice you get is more nutritious with a much longer shelf life. So replace your old juicers with the better and smarter Hafele Magnus Cold Press Juicers or the Hurom H-Al Series Slow Juicer.

Or, how about a smoothie that retains each and every vitamin, mineral, phyto-nutrient and even good fibre, all in a smooth, easy-to-absorb form? More than a juicer, more than a blender, Nuribullet Pro could be your answer to perfect health!


Blending and Grinding

With machines outdoing themselves every now and then, explore from a range of smarter grinders like Wahl James Martin Grinder, Hafele Klara Kitchen multifunctional blender or NutriBullet that’s your cooking assistant.

With so many functions in a single device, cooking becomes a breeze! Now perform an endless range of functions like chopping, blending, mixing, kneading, slicing, whisking etc. to create a wide array of mouth-watering dishes. Make everyday special and enjoy sumptuous meals with your family!


Pizza Maker Oven

Yes, an oven especially for pizzas. Why? Well, we don’t order our pizzas from the same place as Chhola bhaura, do we? Pizzas require a special high temperature that wood-fired ovens can achieve. But of course, where do we keep a wood-fired oven? So, to make sure we can still continue to enjoy an authentic Italian pizza, G3 Ferrari came up with G3 Ferrari Pizza Maker Oven.

Easy to operate, the result you get is the perfect, delicious, scrumptious pizza we order from our favourite pizzeria.

Btw, you can also bake cakes, pies and wraps, besides pizza, in your G3 Ferrari Pizza Maker oven. Isn’t that awesome?


Home-made ice-cream

Healthy and tasty home-made ice-cream made effortlessly! Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s true! With cool and smart ice-cream making machines like Cuisinart Professional Gelato and Ice-cream maker

and Cuisinart Small ICE30 Ice Cream maker now available in India, you can enjoy your favourite flavour of ice-cream, loaded with fruits, nuts and whatever pleases you, all from the comfort of your home. You get consistent, creamy, flawless ice-cream each time. No wondering whether it’s healthy or what has gone into it. What you put in is what you get!


Hafele Dish Washer

Don’t feel like doing the dishes? Don’t!

Simply load the dirty dishes into your Hafele counter top dishwasher, and sit back while it cleans every thing, from spoon to saucepan, spotlessly and quietly. No hassle of waiting for the maid, or tiring yourself out unnecessarily.


Hafele Dome Electric Stainless steel kettle

After a productive and satisfying day, what can be a better way to wind it up than with a cup of your favourite green tea? Plug in your smart Hafele Dome Electric Stainless steel kettle, put up your feet and relax before curl up in your bed.

So don’t you want your kitchen to be equipped with the best devices from around the world?

Upgrade your kitchen today. Contact Global Gadgets for consultation and support.


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