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UV Cabinet With Premium Stainless Steel Body

In this difficult times when COVID-19 Outbreak has disrupted the whole world, offices and institutions are still operational. It is our responsibility to stay safe from virus and bacteria and this is where UV Cabinet comes in, you can practically sterilize anything in this cabinet and be worry free.

UVC sterilizer is employed to sterilize mobiles, laptops, surgical instruments, vegetables, eatables, tiffins, files, and more. It kills the virus, bacteria, and pathogens in a couple of minutes. A must for hospitals, offices, factories, and homes.


  • Inner Body: Inner Body is formed from chrome steel (Reflective finish)
  • Outer Body: The outer body is formed from MS Powder Coated Steel
  • Sterilization rate:99.99%
  • Disinfection: Ultraviolet & Ozone disinfection with 360-degree disinfection
  • Glass: Tempered glass 6mm thick with black PU coated
  • Skin: Double skin single openable with Magnetic Catchers
  • Specifications of UV(Phillips): A germicidal lamp may be a special sort of lamp that produces ultraviolet C (UVC). 12"x8W-2nos UV tube emits UV light.
  • Tray: chrome steel 304 Tray 1 or 2 no's (Carry lifetime warranty against rusting)
  • Circuit: Electronic circuit for the moment start of the tube
  • Contamination Prevention: Can maintain and preserve instruments for days with none fear of contamination
You can buy the UV Cabinet for your homes and offices here.

For Bulk buying you can visit our store Global Gadgets 52A, Khan Market or Call us at 9811227022 | 9811613737 for more information.
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