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10 Coolest Festival Gadgets & Tech for 2023


One of the good things that have come out of the pandemic is that tech companies have upped their game and promoted innovative, smart and sustainable solutions to help people continue to live a rich, full life. They’ve introduced to us gadgets we never knew we needed, simply because we were so used to certain set ways of life. But the quest for holistic health and balanced life has pushed brands into promoting more real-time solutions for everyday life.


So here are 10 useful and smart gadgets we’ve chosen for 2021 that’s enabling people world over live the life they want.


#1. The Custom Loaf - Bread Maker by Sage

sage bread maker

Now who would’ve thought that we could actually make our own healthy perfect bread at home with minimum effort? The pursuit for better immunity made us conscious of our eating habits and we finally acknowledged that store-bought bread is nothing but refined flour, unhealthy fats and chemicals. But it’s also something we’re so used to that it’s difficult to simply give it up. So a UK company Sage came up with the perfect product which lets us prepare our own bread, the way we like it. And it’s so easy to make, all you’ve got to do is add your ingredients into the bread tin and turn on the machine. No mixing, churning, adding, checking. Just sit back or go for your morning walk as you wait for your loaf. As simple as that!


#2. Dyson Airwrap Styler


Kahlil Gibran said ‘Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.’ True. But let’s be honest, until that light illuminates us, we may want to still look pretty on the outside. So the perfect thing for a supermodel look is Dyson Airwrap Styler. The safe and perfect companion for your hair, Dyson Airwrap has intelligent heat control that doesn’t allow excess heat. With multiple attachments, you can add volume to fine hair, style it, add waves, curls, give a soft, smooth, blow-dry finish or create whatever style you want for your hair. Gentle on the scalp, with a pre-styling dryer and symmetry barrels for even curls, Dyson Airwrap makes you the beauty queen you dream of being.


#3. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

There’s something about women and beauty. They go hand in hand. And beautiful hair does wonders to a charming face. That’s why the term ‘crowning glory’ is so perfect. No ordinary hair dryer, Dyson is truly Supersonic. More than just a hair dryer, Dyson Supersonic is safe and retains hair health. With heat shield technology that doesn’t allow extreme heat, it lets you curl, wave, smooth and of course dry. With its powerful digital motor and patented air multiplier technology, it allows fast drying with intelligent heat control. The negative ions reduce static. 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings and 3 magnetic attachments let you choose the perfect combination you need.


#4. Dyson Corrale

Straight hair has an elegance and style that elaborate hair styles can’t compete with. Few of us are blessed with perfectly straight hair. But now straightening hair with a hair straightener is as easy as blow drying it. However, in spite of that, people shy away from them. The reason? Damaged hair. I mean, I used to think how great it is to be able to straighten and style your hair whenever you want, sitting right at home. So I bought one for my daughter on her birthday, but it was a bad idea. One use and her hair became so dry and brittle, we were both aghast! Gave it away to my maid along with a word of caution.

So that’s where Dyson Corrale comes in. It’s the hair straightener that styles without damaging. How? Corrale uses less heat, so half the damage. It also resulted in enhanced styling, reduced frizz and fewer flyaways. Overall, a neat, stylish, cover girl look. That’s why I always recommend Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener for styling and straightening hair without any damage.



#5. Dyson V11 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

Let me tell you why this one’s been a hot seller all over the globe. In the west there’s of course people are used to doing their own house hold chores. And when it comes to cleaning, it’s not needed to be done every day, since there’s little dust and grime in residential cities.


In India things are very different. A, it sometimes feels like cleaning once a day isn’t enough! You clean in the morning and by evening again everything seems to have a fine layer of dust settled on top. B, with so much population, people need to earn a living, so employing someone to do your house hold chores is common practice. Of late, Covid-19 forced us to live in isolation, managing the cleaning, dusting and other chores ourselves. That’s when we were forced to think of smarter options in order to free up our time and energy for other more gainful engagements.

So vacuum cleaners sold like never before and still are. Especially Dyson V11 Absolute. Why? Dyson V11 Absolute deep cleans everywhere by intelligently optimizing suction and run time. It comes with a fade-free battery power and real-time reporting on the LCD screen for complete control. The Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) system automatically changes the motor speed between carpets and hard floors. It cleans across floor types by sensing and adapting, has a 60 minutes cord-free run time and includes no less than 10 tools and accessories to reach into deep and unreachable corners. Everyone who got this has come back a happy customer, unlike other vacuums where in a month people get fed up of the glitches.



#6. Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro and Pro Max

Oooh! Who can beat an Apple? Especially when it’s their latest super model phone they’ve launched?


So how’s the iPhone 13 series superior to iPhone 12 and others in the lineage? Well, Apple created a more powerful processor, A15 Bionic for iPhone 13, which is a 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip. It has a 16-core Neural Engine that's capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second. This allows for improved machine learning, which provides a boost for the likes of Siri and Live Text in Camera. This means iPhone 13 is faster when it comes to games and video editing. According to Apple, this allows for the most powerful graphics performance possible on a smartphone.


Apple iPhone 13Pro and iPhone 13 pro Max also have outstanding photo capabilities, thanks to features like macro photography, ultra wide, wide, and telephoto cameras, new computational photography features like Photographic Styles, deep fusion, Apple ProRAW and portrait mode.


That’s not all! iPhone 13 has increased storage capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz, best battery life, toughest front cover, includes 5G with more bands for better coverage.


Apple has once again outdone people’s expectations, stunning them with remarkable, powerful features. I’ve booked one for myself and am eagerly waiting!



#7. G3 Ferrari Red Pizza Maker Oven

You might wonder what all the fuss is about. I mean, there are OTGs and microwaves and even the griddle that we make pizzas on, so what’s the big deal. Well, to answer that question, the thing is that people’s expectations have changed. They no longer want to just ‘manage to make a pizza’ at home. We no longer see any point in settling for second rate, life is too short for that. So when it comes to the favourite pizza loved the world over, why should things be any different? Unless they have the authentic, Italian wood-fire oven baked taste, one might as well have a bruschetta instead of a pizza!

So how G3 Ferrari give than authentic Italian wood-fired bake? Here’s how. G3 Ferrari pizza maker quickly heats up to a high temperature of 400⁰C which isn't possible in other ovens, and cooks pizza in just 5 minutes. With a refractory stone at the base and 2 stainless steel heating elements, the aroma, taste and textures are not only maintained perfectly, but also enhanced. . Compact, it easily fits into the kitchen and is always an asset. The icing on the cake in that it’s versatile, so you can use it to bake cakes, pies and wraps too. So go ahead and hone your culinary skills!


#8. Cold press juicers

When I got my first juicer, everyone in my family said I’m a health freak. Call me that or health conscious, I’ve always enjoyed having healthy wholesome fruits and vegetables. Never enjoyed extensive cooked (to death) elaborate recipes. While some of them may have appealed the palate, they rarely did any good to my insides. A tall glass of fresh, bright, invigorating juice is far more satisfying and tasty for me.

Then, I heard of cold press juicers, also called slow juicers. And I’d wonder, slow…why on earth would anybody want that? It was when I was window shopping at an electronic store that the salesman explained how it works. And guess what? I ended up buying it! So glad I did.

So here’s what a cold press juicer does and how it’s different from regular juicers. Basically a cold press juicer is a masticating juicer that works slowly on the chopped fruit, extracting more from the ingredients. That means more goodness goes in your glass than going waste in the pulp jar. The other advantage of a cold press juicer is that the absence of heat and oxidation make sure the nutrients remain intact, resulting in more nutritious juice with a longer shelf life. Juicers like Hurom H-AI Slow Juicer and Hafele Magnus Cold Press Juicer with Smart Flow have been getting picked up like hot cakes. Because when it comes to health and taste, cold press juicers or slow juicers are an easy and smart option.


#9. Air Purifiers

Air, water, space, fire and earth. There are the 5 elements we’re made of, aren’t we? So with the air quality becoming nightmarish every year, we are bound to get affected – bodily, mentally and emotionally. Therefore, getting an air purifier for home has become a necessity, rather than a luxury. Moreover, with seniors and children around, special care is needed.


There are lots of brands, types and models of air purifiers in the market today. So many, that when you want to get one, it becomes difficult to decide. That’s why, we’ve selected those that are the best and most suited for our homes and office environments. Air Purifiers from Dyson, Blueair and Honeywell are the ones we consider the best. Amongst these brands also there are many air purifiers that have advanced filtration technology, smart design, easy to use, low energy consumption and low noise levels,  UV-C (germicidal) light technology, Ozone emissions and ionizing functions and low cost of maintenance. If these are your parameters as well, then go for the latest ones in these brands. Of course, at Global Gadgets these are the ones we advise, stock and educate people about.

 dyson air purifier


#10. Coffee Machines

Saved the best for last! I mean, what’s life without a good cup of coffee? In my perspective, if we’re compromising even our coffee, then perhaps a break from humdrum of life is what we need so we can feel alive and fresh again.

Café s have been our go-to place, whatever the reason. But when they became out of bounds due to Covid-19, coffee lovers sought DIY or home solutions to arrange their favourite cup of coffee on a regular basis. That’s when they started exploring compact and easy-to-use coffee makers. More customers came to Global Gadgets for coffee machines than for anything else in the last few months. Understandably so!

We have a wide range of coffee machines that are easy to use, make your perfect cup, cool and exciting to own and sit quietly in a small Coffee maker machines like Lattissima Touch, CitiZ and Milk coffee machine with Aeroccino, Inissia, Magimix, Gaggia Brera, De’Longhi, Moccamaster KBG and more. You name it, we have it.


So get yourself and your loved one a cool gadget this festive season and let your life sparkle!

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