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Sound link Revolve is one of the best Bluetooth speakers with great sound quality and a good coverage. Keep it anywhere in the room and play your music, you will be thrilled with the sound experience. It is small and compact but this tiny instrument is packed with technology and delivers good performance. A portable Bluetooth speaker is everyone’s favorite. You can carry it anywhere and do not have to compromise on the quality, no matter where you are. Music is a man’s best friend but and this will be your true companion. It is one of the best premium gadgets online which you can buy at a great price range.


  • It’s tiny, compact and portable, yet very stylish. You can carry it around proudly.
  • Revolve’s Water-resistant design makes you less worried about it being near water. Pool parties will be more fun now!
  • A portable Bluetooth speaker needs a great battery life and this one delivers it very well. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery plays up to 12 hours—for full-day listening. You can play your music now for a longer period of time without compromising the deep, powerful bass.
  • He soft material lets you be a little less worried about tossing it over in your bag or putting it down with a little more force than you should. It’s a tough one.
  • If you do not have your phone somewhere around you, you can still make calls or send a text message. Really!! Just press and hold the multi-function button to access the voice input for Siri and Google Now™ right from the speaker. Problem solved.
  • It is light, easy to grab and even easier to operate. The smooth buttons ensure that every time you operate it, it feels natural and swift. 

You can buy the New Bose Sound link Revolve Bluetooth Speaker from our online store at a great price.

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