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Technology and Life

While the changes in technology over the last 5 decades have been astounding, those in the last 2 decades have especially been staggering! Reflecting back on the 1990s, we only used to imagine a life revolved around much advanced science and technology. But now, they’ve actually became a reality, and that too in the blink of an eye! So much so that many people in Generation X are still grappling with it.

So we guess we can safely say, a new era has begun. We knew B.C., A.D, and now, welcome to A.P. (After Pandemic).

The Pandemic

As if the rapid changes in technology in the previous two decades weren’t enough, the Covid-19 pandemic threw life so out of gear, we could never have imagined! It put our health and even lives at risk, forcing us to come to terms with a closed, stay-at-home, house-arrest, indoor kind of a life, or however you’d like to name it.

Over time, the Covid-19 pandemic taught us maintaining social distancing, reduced traveling, creating our own workspace at home, giving eating at restaurants and frequenting our favourite cafes a miss. It meant and (still does), no catching up physically with friends and family.

Initially it felt really bad! A life devoid of life, of living itself.Global gadgets

Technology to our rescue

But then, there was something that saved us from all this. Something that helped us get back to living. And that is technology. During the pandemic, technology took such center-stage that even those who weren’t much in favour of a life around devices, had to bring themselves around to doing so. There was just no other choice!

With the ongoing pandemic at the moment, and the way it’ll probably hang around for a while, we cannot imagine a life without technology and gadgets.

A new normal

So even those who weren’t very comfortable around gadgets, started finding their way around them, helping themselves limp back to normalcy, even if it’s a new kind of normal.

Today, with technology at the center stage, we continue to work, connect with people, earn a living, spend time with our families, eat well and even entertain ourselves.

With this, let’s dive a little deeper and see how exactly gadgets and tech have supported us, and impacted our lifestyle in the bargain.

Changing lifestyle

An analogy comes to my mind when I think of the present situation, our mobile phones. We used to talk about how the mobile has replaced so many other devices. For example, now we don’t use alarm clocks, torch, calculators, stereos, scanners, radio, voice recorders and so many other tools and gadgets. They’re all snugly built into our smart phones, making phones an integral part of our lives.

Similarly, technology has played such a vital role during the Covid-19 pandemic, that we need it every step of the way.

Ever since the covid-19, we’ve been literally living through technology.

Technology has not only changed our lifestyle to a huge extent, but has become essential to our lives, regardless of what age bracket or ideology we fall in.

So let’s look at the current technology trends during the covid-19 pandemic.

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What are Technology trends during the Covid-19 pandemic

The biggest impact of the pandemic has been social distancing.

As humans, to distance ourselves from people – be it at work, home, friends or relatives, showed us how valuable were our instances of social contact, which we perhaps took for granted.

Social distancing brought life to a near halt.

So what saved us? Video conferencing.

VC helped us work from home, continue to earn a living, thereby giving us the will to carry on. It also helped us stay in touch with our loved ones. Can you imagine a mother not being able to see her child who’s studying or working in another land?

We soon figured our way around video conferencing, and now VC tools rule the day. And to support them, we have phones with excellent camera quality and sound. We’re using home theater systems, robust Wi-Fi systems to ensure seamless conferences and connectivity. Good quality headsets and ear phones are the need of the hour.

Thus, advanced technology and updated gadgets help us connect our hearts and minds, even if we can’t do so gadgets store in khan market


It would be an understatement to say that covid-19 pandemic taught us to stay healthy. The year 2020 especially was all about ‘how to build your immunity’.

And now we needed to track our own health as well. To monitor how we were doing on our heart beats, sugar, oxygen level, blood pressure, to name just a few.

So for those us who weren’t already into such gadgets, we realized the importance of fitbit smartwatches, deep tissue massage tools, air purifiers, oxymeters and what not.

The current technology trend related to health is to ensure we stay in top shape with the help of these latest gadgets.

Eating out

Another very important part of our lives is eating out. How we miss our favourite coffee at the cafes we used to visit, or how we used to just hop into our cars and drive down to enjoy a chhola bhatura, pizza or an ice-cream.

And now, we’ve learnt to prepare our own pizzas like a pro, out whip up our favourite ice-cream, and be our own barista!

How, you ask? With cool and compact state of the art gadgets like ice-cream makers, pizza makers and a mind-boggling variety of coffee machines!

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The movie buffs

Of course, there’s a solution for enjoying the big screen too, without exposing ourselves and risking our health in movie theaters during the pandemic.

Power packed home theaters and top of the line range of speakers, sound systems from international brands make sure we continue to enjoy and live a balanced life.

Don’t forget Gaming!

Without most of the avenues for enjoyment and entertainment closed, we badly need an outlet. Exciting and exhilarating gaming consoles offer just that. Quality time spent with family in this way not only keeps us strong together, but acts as a great stress buster.

The final word

We don’t know how long this pandemic will last, but certainly it has taught different way of life, a life around technology that’s as rich and full, perhaps more, as it used to be.

So if you’re still missing some aspect of your life during this pandemic, I’m sure you’ve found your answer by now. If not, just give us a buzz!

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