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It’s that time of the year when everything under goes change and rejuvenation.


Autumn. When trees prepare for a period of being leafless, the warmth in the air begins to part and birds fly off in search of different destinations. Nature braces for a period of rest and hibernation. Our ancestors too would work hard and gather enough in the warm months in order to enjoy a winter of rest and peace.


Though our bodies still respond to seasonal changes, things are different now. As in, we don’t exactly prepare for a quiet phase, but certainly this onset of dormancy affects among other things, levels of our hormones serotonin and melatonin. This means swings in mood, appetite and sleep patterns. Therefore, October is a good time to work on the body temple as what we do during this transition phase will have long lasting effects.


So how do we take care of ourselves during this period? Well, apart from having wholesome, home-cooked food and a lot of me-time, it’s a good time to go for massages and spas.


So let’s see the benefits of massages.


Massage is an excellent way to relax and clear the toxins. Massage dissolves blocks in our energy flow, removing negative energy, balancing and energizing the whole body. It not only alleviates physical complaints and ailments, but also prevents further diseases from setting in.


Here are 8 benefits of massage for you:


  1. Improved circulation
  2. Reduction of stress
  3. Better hormonal balance
  4. Reduced muscle tension
  5. Improved joints and muscle mobility
  6. Glowing skin
  7. Overall feeling of positivity and wellness
  8. Massage also has a beneficial effect in conditions like blood pressure, tissue injuries, back pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression and other chronic diseases


Now, the next question arises of finding a masseur or a masseuse. The trouble is it isn’t easy to find a good one. Since massage is a very personal experience, it’s important to find a person who has the right vibes, is skilled, professional, knows how much pressure to apply and is available whenever you need. Tall order, right?


That’s why, companies like Hyperice, the best in the field of fitness, have given some outstanding, high-power massage guns and percussion machines called Hypervolt.  Percussion means that quick, short duration pulses are given deep into the soft tissues of the body, accelerating blood flow and the growth and repair of tissues.


Massagers like Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus (Bluetooth) Percussion Massagers have some marvelous features that lend a massage experience even human hands cannot deliver.


Let’s see 10 reasons why Hypervolt Massage guns are so good:


  1. Interchangeable massage heads for different body areas
  2. Ability to work at different speeds as per comfort level
  3. Perfect balance of power, performance and flexibility
  4. Can be connected to your phone through Bluetooth
  5. Enable deep tissue effective massage
  6. Patented QuietGlide technology
  7. Patented pressure sensor
  8. Lightweight, handheld
  9. Powerful battery and wall charger
  10. Great for warm-up and recovery


Thus, with so many pluses, percussion massage guns like Hypervolt are a good buy and difficult to resist.


So this autumn season, treat yourself well and give your body and soul the much-deserved deep massage.


Wishing you well and a great season ahead!

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