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Automatic Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

In the current scenario where COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted everything from offices to businesses, where people have no other choice but to remain at homes and maintain social distancing to reduce the chances of catching the Coronavirus it is very important to stay safe when going in public places. Sanitising your hand has become an absolute must to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, pressing the nozzle is not a hygienic option as well. Keep Your Hands Sanitised & Maintain Hygiene In-Office & Institutions with Automatic Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.


  • Ultrasonic sensor with an 8 cm sensing range
  • Programmable micro sensor to save the wastage of sanitizer
  • Any liquid sanitizer can be used
  • Capacity of 8 litters sanitizer
  • Dispensing cycle of 3ml
  • It provides 2500 sanitization cycles before a refill is required
  • Easy installation
  • The window on the front panel shows the level of sanitizer remaining in the machine.
  • Simply pour he sanitizer in the tank to refill
  • Easy touchless automatic features ensures safety
It has become an absolute must to have a sanitizer at Offices and Institutions, it makes sense to keep an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser which help in preventing spread of COVID-19.

To buy the Automatic Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser visit Global Gadgets: 52A, Khan Market or Call: 9811227022 | 9811613737.
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