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AMC for Premium Gadgets

Every time you buy a new gadget there always comes a question on if the product would work efficiently, the life and quality of the device. In developing countries like India, very less importance is given to insurance when it comes to electronic gadgets. AMC or Annual Maintenance contract is between the consumer and the insurer, that comes to play when the device malfunctions. Recently, several insurers offer AMC for home and office electronic appliances in India. With this contract, you can now experience a better and extended life of these gadgets and devices. 

How to choose your AMC partner?

AMC is important not just for firms and offices that house a lot of desktops and electronic gadgets. Even a regular household has several electronic devices including, desktops or laptops, refrigerators, toasters, Televisions and so on. Choose a partner that offers AMC for all devices. This could provide a single solution for all your electronic repair requirements. Global Gadgets offers AMC for home and office electronic appliances for most electronic equipment in a regular household as well as offices. 

AMC applies only to a few brands. Few companies that offer AMC services are very choosy in offering the services. So when you begin searching for companies that offer AMC for your homes, look out for insurers that secure and offer services for different brands.

Investing in AMC

AMC begins with paying an initial investment to the firm that offers the service. There are quite a few AMC offering firms in most cities. Get to understand their plans and pricing well before investment. In case the services are similar, then the only way to differentiate the different AMC offerings is to compare and contrast with the prices you have to pay. Select the insurer that offers minimum pricing with the maximum benefits. The AMC as the name states is an Annual Maintenance Agreement. This has to be renewed every year by paying a fresh premium. In certain cases, with specific products, it is possible for 3 years or 5-year contracts as well.

Benefits of AMC

Analyze the benefits that the insurer offers for the contract. Does the premium you pay cover only for the parts or also for the services and labor as well? If it covers only for the damaged parts, then are those parts of first quality? How long is the warranty for the repaired product?

When you analyses all this, you would get a clear idea on how best you can use your AMC for.

Mobile phones are the most common technological gadgets that everyone has. Our mobiles are highly prone to the risk of getting damaged very frequently. Not just in terms of software and hangs, but also physically in terms of damaged displays, damaged speakers and so on. We end up more frequently in investing in the repair than on the product itself. When you apply the AMC for your mobile phones, you can cut down the expenses, which you put on the cellphone repair. Get your AMC for home and office electronic appliances today.

AMC for office needs

AMC is of maximum importance in offices. The desktops, printers, projectors and other gadgets have to be insured to reduce the expenses on the repair and replacement of these gadgets. In such cases, choose the insurer that offers the best services for bulk AMC needs. The insurer has to involve in the setting up of devices, maintenance and repair in case if there is trouble. Surveillance cameras are becoming an inevitable component in homes and especially offices these days. The setup of surveillance cameras costs equally as devices. When you sign up for an AMC, they also help in the setting up of surveillance cameras and help you cut down multiple expenses. In the case of expanding a business, overseas clients are a common issue. In such cases, the audio-video conferencing unit has to be setup. This again helps to improve the business of the firm. Choose the best AMC for home and office electronic appliances to utilise the best out of technological advancements and also to cut down costs for repair.

Is AMC a mandate for office?

AMC is not a mandate for office appliances. It is up to the individuals at the office to pick it up or not. But the advantages of AMC is more and that is the reason most developing firms pick this policy. The AMC contract with Global Gadgets usually extends for 1 to 3 years. This is an agreement that is signed between two parties after coming to terms with the advantages.

The customers who had signed AMC with Global Gadgets before having the best experience in terms of protecting their gadgets. This is both with the home as well as office appliances. Choose the best AMC services available in the town to extend the lifetime of the gadgets you purchase. A one-time investment to save your equipment is better than multiple expenses you put on the repair and replacement.

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