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The Indian consumer on an average is getting wealthier by the day. With high demanding jobs salaries are rising, thereby increasing the spending capacity of Indian buyers. Today more and more people have money to spend on things over and above their basic necessities. Fuelled by exposure to the life style of advanced countries, the Indian customer is more than willing to spend in order to raise their own standard of living.


There is one difference however in the consumer from India versus that from another country. While people from other countries are more brand-oriented and willing to spend the amount for the name, we typically look at them as a status symbol. And­ the louder and clearer they stand out, the better. Otherwise, utility and functionality are still the main parameters even among the more affluent, which determine whether a purchase offers enough value for money.


Take kitchen appliances for instance. Not so long ago back in the 1990s, people in our country were content with a mixer-grinder, a fridge and an oven by way of electric appliances. But now these are considered a must-have in kitchens. And today from the latest coffee makers to specialized pizza makers and custom bread makers, we have an electronic gadget for every need.


Over the last 2 decades a variety of luxury gadgets have found their way into the Indian market. Be it the latest and most advanced audio and video devices for entertainment, air purifiers to combat rising air pollution or state of the art vacuum cleaners, premium gadgets available in the market are not mere status symbols anymore. They offer useful multi-functionality, comfort and simplicity of use. They help us glide through different situations and requirements effortlessly, without having to depend on other people to help us through.


Covid 19 only strengthened this trend further. Having to live in isolation made us sit up and notice many things we’d dismissed before. A home theater for example. We were so habitual of going to our favorite theater to catch the latest flick that they could become out of bounds, never occurred to us. For that matter cafés, restaurants, gyms, spas and even our work place. Covid 19 thus acted as a catalytic agent for the influx of a variety of luxury gadgets to suit different needs, priorities and pockets.


Here’s a peek into some of the premium electronics for a better lifestyle that are now easily available in the Indian market:


Health and Home

  • Super effective Air Purifiers with smart sensors and advanced multi-stage filtration process
  • Advanced Air purifier with automatic purifying and heating functionality
  • Percussion therapy massage devices for deep tissue massage
  • Fitbit - Wearable fitness monitors and activity trackers
  • Slow juicers and blenders to get the max out of your food
  • State of the art vacuum cleaners
  • Safe hair dryers, straighteners and stylers



  • A range of Laptops and notebooks
  • Multi-functional Phones and iPads
  • Bluetooth speakers and headphones
  • Smart TV screens for Virtual conferences
  • Storage and Rack Solutions
  • Network and Server Solutions



  • Multifunctional blenders
  • Cold press juicers
  • Special grinders for dry spices
  • Fruit and vegetable purifiers
  • Dishwashers
  • Coffee maker machines
  • Kettles and toasters
  • Authentic pizza maker ovens
  • Bread maker
  • Ice-cream maker



  • Range of headphones with the latest features
  • Noise canceling headsets
  • Audio speakers with Bluetooth
  • Portable speakers
  • Audio Sunglasses
  • Sound bars
  • Noise cancelling Earbuds
  • Latest multifunctional PA system


This was just a peek into a few of the luxury gadgets that have found an eager audience in the Indian scenario. The list is long and growing, as are consumer expectations.


So go ahead and try out a couple of these luxury gadgets. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!



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