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Domautics Automation Systems For Homes

If only your home could talk to you about if your child is doing homework or watching TV or if your parents need any medicine! And if you can switch on the lights, AC, and draw the curtains before you arrive home! What if you saved around 20 to 30 per cent of your electricity bills and also got to know how much power is consumed by each and every electrical device in your home!

Yes, all this and much more is possible with ‘Talking Homes’ from Global Gadgets. This is a new system that can be installed in your home for instant control and reports from your home or office for all your electric and electronic appliances on your smartphone/tablet, from anywhere in the world. You get instant alerts for any LPG leaks, a fire or visitors at your main gate. It converts your home into a ‘smart home’. This wireless system is suitable for your existing home.

In addition to switching on or off any appliance – Lights, TV, Stereo, Fans, AC, Geyser, TV and many more – from your smartphone/tablet from anywhere, it can lock/unlock all devices electrically. This prevents misuse by your domestic staff. A Motion Sensor switches on lights and appliances on entering a bathroom and switches them off on leaving or for controlling curtains. You can operate devices only when needed, thus prolonging their life.

The amazing part of Talking Homes systems by an Indian firm, DOMAUTICS, is that it can be installed in a day; in fact, in six to eight hours using existing wiring and switch board and, what’s more, no extra cabling is needed, no switch modules change is required. Talking Homes reduces the chances for short circuits.

You can create different ‘Scenes’ to switch on and off appliances to save time; for situations like Child Alone, Senior Family Members and Vacations. This is also a fun way to set the mood for various activities and occasions.  You can also create ‘Themes’ to set timings for appliances to turn on and off.

If its automatic hardware stops, you get a seamless manual operation of switches. With its in-built reliability of RF control, it uses its own wireless technology to communicate with each other, so it will never affect your network band-width. Coming with a Three-Year Guarantee for all hardware for replacement of any part, you can be sure of its smooth operation.

After Sales Support: A State of the Art Call Centre; replacement of parts in 24 hours ensures its premium performance. The system costs around half the amount of similar imported systems.

Talking Homes DOMAUTICS Automation Systems are also suitable for schools, hotels and hospitals, among other premises.

You are welcome to visit Global Gadgets showroom at in 52A, Khan Market for a live demonstration of Talking Homes or call 47078686/47078787 for a demo at your home or office. Start talking to your home!

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