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DeLonghi Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Fresh and well-stored coffee beans are the starting point to always getting the best results with your De'Longhi coffee maker. Ceramic or containers with airtight seals are ideal for preserving the coffee beans for as long as possible. Store them in a cool, dark and dry place as you want to avoid exposing them to air, moisture, heat, and light. How do you know if your coffee beans are still fresh? Drop one on the floor and if it bounces it's good. If you use pre-ground coffee it can lose it's freshness quicker and therefore it can lose it's aroma faster than using fresh beans. To check it simply put a teaspoon in a glass of water, if it floats it's still good. We do not recommend you keep coffee in the refrigerator or freezer as they can absorb moisture.

As 98% of the liquid in coffee is water, it must be fresh as well as flavorless and colorless to produce the best-tasting coffee. Make sure you change the water in the tank frequently. Water hardness or chalk build-up due to calcium can affect the quality of the coffee beverage. Use the test paper provided with your machine to check the level of hardness and set the machine accordingly. Using filtered water or a water filter in the machine will improve not only quality but preserve the performance of the machine too. To create the highest quality, frothy milk and foam make sure you use milk straight from the refrigerator. When using the carafe with LatteCrema System we recommend using semi-skimmed milk with 1.5% fat as it gives the best results in terms of foam consistency, volume, and taste. Keep all the parts that come in contact with the milk clean to guarantee the best tasting milk beverage.

A milk clean solution is available from De'Longhi to eliminate residues and keep the machine hygienically clean. Soy, almond and rice drinks can be used in the LatteCrema System, however, results will differ from cows milk due to the number of proteins they contain. We do not recommend using any other beverage of plant-based origin and in the case of confirmed or suspected allergies, do not use milk and products of plant-based origin in the same machine. To achieve the best crema (layer of cream on top of the espresso) use a cup with a conical shape base, this allows the coffee to flow into the cup without breaking the crema. Position the coffee dispenser as close to the top of the cup as possible. Warm the cups before making your coffee, this can be done by rinsing them with warm water or using the warming plate on top of the machine. 

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