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Summer is here and this is the right time for cooling, healthy fruit and vegetable juices. So get Kuvings B6000PR whole slow juicer is an upright masticating juicer from Global Gadgets in Khan Market, New Delhi. It’s the latest generation juicers that give you the last drop of juice from the fruits and vegetables you put in.

What’s So Special About This Juicer?

Saving Time: This is the world’s first wide mouth slow juicer for fast, easy juicing of whole fruits and vegetables. This means you save preparation time in cutting them in small pieces for a juicer. It simply means you don’t need to cut a medium sized apple just to fit in the feed chute. This saves you at least five minutes of prep-time.

Slow Speed: It works at a slower speed that other juicers and so you get the last drop of juice from your fruits and vegetables. This model is designed with an even slower moving motor to help protect juice from oxidation and heat build-up. Kuvings B6000 does a great job on leafy greens. And the pulp is very dry after you have the maximum amount of juice. It also features a tap on the juice spout to help minimize accidental dripping and spills. Then it is quieter than other juicers. This is a huge benefit for those that like to juice without having to worry about waking up others who are sleeping.

Simple Cleaning: When you are done, cleaningKuvings B6000PR is simple and easy. The rotary screen cleaning brush supplied with the juicer is unique to Kuvings juicers, and you will find it to be a great benefit when cleaning your juicer after use. This brush will clean the other wall of the screen faster compared to using a traditional brush. They’ve also included a brush that’ll be able to clean the pulp and juice ejector port and with the standard brush (that looks like a toothbrush) for cleaning the inner wall of the strainer.

Sorbet: This juicer also features a basket attachment that enables the machine to make sorbet. A 100-page recipe booklet comes with this juicer to inspire you to try some innovative juices and desserts. It also makes peanut butter and almond milk!

You buy Kuvings B6000PR with a full ten-year warranty on the whole unit including the motor and all the parts. Before summer sets in and becomes really hot, buy your Kuvings B6000 whole slow juicer from Global Gadgets in Khan Market, New Delhi. And drink healthy and refreshing juices.

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