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If you ran a pizzeria, you’d know that commercial pizza ovens like brick ovens, pizza deck ovens or pizza convection ovens churn out great pizzas. But it obviously isn’t practical to have one at home, so we settle for a regular oven toaster grill or a microwave.

However there’s no comparison as these just don’t give the feel or taste of an authentic Italian pizza.

Why? The main reason is that the temperature and heat capacity of a real pizza oven requires bulk and weight. There is no way around that. A brick oven does that the best. But what do you do if you want to prepare your own authentic pizza at home, with your choice of dressing, as and when you want?

That’s why, the answer is a big yes! It’s totally worth buying a countertop pizza oven if you want authentic Italian pizzas.

The fact is that pizzas need a very high cooking temperature (400° C) for a few minutes to cook perfectly. This bakes the base to perfection without drying the dressing.

Today, technology has blessed us with some wonderful pizza makers but there is this one pizza maker that seems to totally stand out.

G3 Ferrari Pizza Maker: With pizza maker G3- Ferrari oven Delizia you'll be able to cook the real Pizza Napoletana in your kitchen in just 5 minutes, with your preference of seasoning.

We know that household ovens can’t reach these temperatures, but G3 Ferrari Delizia has a refractory stone reaching up to 400°C on which the pizza is cooked, which makes all the difference. This combination of stone base and quick high temperature guarantees the same result as the furnaces of the best pizzeria in Naples.

Also, with no cooking smoke or unpleasant smells to handle, the pizza oven G3 Delizia makes preparing pizzas a breeze and can also be used to bake cakes, pies, wraps, cakes and chestnut.

Features at a glance

  • - 5 minutes timer with signal
  • - Refractory cooking stone (31 cm)
  • - Two stainless steel heating elements
  • - Adjustable thermostat: up to 400°C
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