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Xbox Series X and Play Station 5

In these past few years, gaming as a subject has grown past just fun and Freeplay. Gaming has revolutionized even to a point where we are observing world tournaments and competitions. 

Although we can take on hundreds and thousands of gaming console options, Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation series consoles are the most famous ones.

Sony just released its PS5 in competition to Microsoft’s Xbox X and just like you, we were intrigued about which console is better.  Here’s a detailed guide on how to choose a Console plus it includes all you need to know about both the consoles.

  1. More Powerful

Microsoft Xbox series X packs a whopping 12 Teraflops while Its Playstation 5 rival only weighs in at a 10.28 teraflops only packs.  Teraflop is not some term we made on the go, it is a real mathematical term that determines the number of calculations a graphics card or GPU can perform at once. 

The more the flops, the more frames per second and higher resolutions a GPU can provide. However, in the real terms, it only means how much you can squeeze out of a GPU, so higher is usually better but regardless console performance is not won by GPUs.

  1. Hard Drives

What do you prefer, size or speed? Space or load in lightning time?  Microsoft’s Xbox X has a 1 terabyte solid-state drive(SSD) whereas PS5 clocks faster but can only use 825 GB of data on its SSD. If you’re wondering what the 175 GB difference could be?

Titles like RED DEAD REDEMPTION would take most of Its space but you would just have as much room left to fill in HALO: The Master Chief Collection.

  1. Backward Compatibility

How many of you would want to play your all-time favorite games on your new improved and faster consoles? All of you! 

Backward compatibility is a property of a system, product, or technology that allows for interoperability with an older legacy system.

While Sony PS5  is backward compatible to a ps4 games, an exception being a handful of PS3 titles available through PS now and a limited number of emulated PlayStation 2 games - Dubbed PS2 Classics and this is disappointing mostly because you can’t access these games by inserting the disk, you have to either buy a game digitally or purchase a subscription or crack open an old PS2 or PS3 console.

Microsoft Xbox X has backward compatibility ranging from the Original Xbox to the one before Xbox X, meaning you can play even the oldest games on your brand new console.

  1. Height and Design

Microsoft preaches the bigger, better approach for the Xbox which can be seen in their big, blocky humvees that wear their strength on their big muscular shoulders.

While many gamers might make fun of Microsoft’s design aesthetic, it surprisingly won out in the upcoming console generation. It is infamous for looking like a big black fridge and this label is well earned because in order to make it the most powerful Xbox console ever, Microsoft also had to create the biggest Xbox console ever

Standing 11.85 inches high, the series x towers huge but there is always someone bigger. The PS5 is thinner than the Xbox x but that design is deceptive.

Deceptive, why? To match the series x in power the ps5 stuffed similar hardware inside its case and since there seems no room for it to spread outwards so it spread upwards, which made it a whopping 15.74 inches tall almost one-third of a foot taller than Xbox series X. These devices are expanding in size due to the expanding game size, one of the most infamous examples being, Call of duty: Warzone, since it’s now almost 250 GB, Yes you heard it right!

  1. External Storage

When talking about External storage Microsoft plans to go the old school route, meaning that you can purchase custom 1TB expansion cards that plug into Xbox X While to upgrade PS5 you need to pop off a side panel to utilize the spare SSD slot. On one hand, you’ll be able to pick up from a slot of SSD’s but the PS5 upgrade process is a well a complete process and if you don’t know what you’re doing or manhandle the console, you might even end up breaking something.
  1. Game Pass

Most of the Xbox X and PS5 games will cost around 5000 rupees which is almost 1/4th more than what it used to be. Now since these consoles already cost a fortune, gamers might not have enough dough left to buy the titles. Now if you’re wondering that if only there was a subscription we could subscribe to for more games.

Luckily for Xbox gamers, there is, for 489 INR per month for Xbox console Game pass and if you want to include an Xbox live gold and play multiplayer titles, just chip in another 200 INR.

Xbox Live Gold

Now, you might as that doesn't the Playstation have something similar? We’d go with both Yes and No. PS Now (Not available in India as of now) delivers a quite synonymous service for the same price but without an opinion to add multiplayer and for that, you’ll have to buy PS plus which is another 3000-5000 INR.


Moreover, Xbox Game Pass is constantly upgraded with the latest games. The Medium, Halo Infinite, and more will launch on the game pass from day 1 but PS now still doesn’t have any PS4 exclusives such as Marvel’s Spiderman or The Last Guardian.

PS 5

  1. Xbox All Access

With the rising prices of Video Games and video game consoles, selling a kidney might seem like a better alternative to paying the upfront cost. If only a manufacturer offered a payment plan to take out the sting in buying a Next-Gen Console! Fortunately, Microsoft does just that for the Xbox series X an Xbox series S create an all-access service for its gamers. 

Xbox All Access

It means when you sign up, you can take home an Xbox series X and 24 months of Xbox game pass for 24 monthly installments with 0 interest to boot but there is no such plan that is associated with PS5.

This was an interesting journey for us to take you to these amazing facts about two of the most amazing consoles in the gaming industry. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

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